One way to exchange information between your system and MeSomb is to use a webhook. The principle is very simple: your system will be notified through an HTTP request each time a payment is done on MeSomb. If you want to use this type of integration this is how you can register your webhook on MeSomb.

The principle is very simple, you set up a valid URL in MeSomb where some data will be sent through an HTTP POST request each time a payment transaction is completed on MeSomb. 

To do it you just follow the simple steps below. On your application dashboard (on « My Applications » then click on the application), click on the « three dots » menu then on Webhook (as you can see in the below image).

On the next page, you just enter the full URL of your webhook (as you can see in the below picture).

Only this field for the link is editable, others fields are there just for information. 

PS: The HTTP response of your webhook must be 200. After 3 failures, your webhook will be deactivated.